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little ferret memories
mejeep wrote in pandaguymemoria
I'm unsure I can be sure when I first met Pandaguy. He was one of those fursuiters who was "always there" at Anthrocon, Ocean City DooDah parade, the Glen Echo Park "Panda Guy picnics" and other events that advocated creative fursuiting and teddy bear/plush sharing (the "good bears of the world").

He had the funniest stories of my first time fursuiting at a parade: the Ocean City DooDah parade with Rapid T Rabbit & friends in my brand new Fuzzle Ferret fursuit. I didn't quite understand the limited vision of the head, so I didn't just walk into the boat stopped in front of me, I *BONKED* straight into it! Right on cue for "pop goes the weasel" which I was humming on the kazoo and dancing way too enthusiastically! *HE* saw the stars and little birdies flying over my head and swears I was really wobbly for the rest of the parade, so he was never quite sure if I was hurt or not!

I admired his focus on plush advocacy and fursuiting. His legacy shall endure in his good works and performances as Bamboozle and his other characters.

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and meanwhile back at the picnic

The PandaGuy picnic was probably the largest fursuit gathering outside of a FurCon, documented by the group photo by the "Cuddle Up" ride. What a great group that was, leading to magic moments such as:

Whats that?- some kid
A bouncy ferret. ferrets bounce, or at least this one does... a lot... -Tjcoyote
(on Mejeep)

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