Shannon Kahn (shannonkahn) wrote in pandaguymemoria,
Shannon Kahn

Welcome and the purpose of this Community

Hello, everyone.

This community is dedicated to the memory of Jonathan Paul Albers, a longstanding member of the furry community, known to most as "PandaGuy". He passed away suddenly on September 30, 2012, due to congestive heart and lung failure.

I remember him saying that when he did pass on, he'd be able to count the number of people who noticed on one hand. I decided to set up this community to prove him wrong. I'm certain there are plenty of us who remember him and have fond memories and stories to tell. This will be a place where we can share those memories, as well as leave final thoughts and wishes.

The community is moderated, but there's only one rule - PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL, both to Jon and to each other.

The floor is open. And thank you.
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