Sabot L'ours (sabotlours) wrote in pandaguymemoria,
Sabot L'ours

RIP Pandaguy

When I joined the fandom some 10 years ago, I sought out other fursuiters since that's where my love truly resided. I friended PG because he was not only a suiter but a fursuit maker. It was nice to have him as an Internet furry friend because we were also close in age. It was even more interesting that we both worked for the federal government. We followed each other on LJ for many years. At one con he posted that he was having a bad time and hoped that things would get better. Since it has always been a thing of mine that no furry should feel unloved or alone, I went to his room in my polar bear suit to cheer him up. He welcomed me into his room with open paws. We spent a nice time snuggling. I started to really feel like I was a giant plushie. It made him so happy to be hugged and embraced by a big floofy polar bear. His happiness was just so contagious. I also met up with him at FC this year. It was so nice to just talk with him about the fandom and how we all are a part of it. I always thought that there would be another con where we would meet to talk about what it means to be a greymuzzle in the fandom. I'll miss you. You were such a good soul. The fandom needed more like you. You represented what it truly meant to be furry. *big bear hugs*
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