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I miss you
jarrellwoods wrote in pandaguymemoria
At one of his fursuit workshops in his home. It was just him 'n me. I was working on a new idea for stitching a nose for Jarrell. I remember he had on a video of a talking pride of lions. Just being there, it felt like such a privilege at the time, just spending time while he was working on a few minor things on his suit. I always considered him one of the best suiters.

He always had an easy smile - just so easy to be around.

Got a nice hug from him while I was suited - I think it was at AC at the Adams Mark. We were going opposite directions down a hall, and he looked over at me and said something like, "there's someone I've been waiting on a hug from" (he may have thought I was a different raccoon - it didn't matter), I went over and gave him a nice coonie hug.

Two words: PandaGuy's Picnic. Always awesome. Some of the best times I've ever had at any meet or con.

So generous. So full of care for others. You all know what I mean. He was just him. One of a kind.